Safety Management

For Safety Management

Our ship management is:
1. Domestic Transportation - Shokuyu Tanker Managing dept.
2. Far East area(3000mt ship) - Shokuyu Tanker Managing dept.
3. South East area (8000-13000mt ships) – Sun Technomarine Co.,Ltd.

*Sun Technomarine Co.,Ltd. (90% shares owned by Shokuyu Tanker)
*Sun Technomarine Co.,Ltd. and Shokuyu Tanker's management dept are in the same office, and in cases of emergency, they are able to work together in an instant; we have a firm system to maintain safe-management and prompt action.

*For meeting international standard of ships management, we carry out the major inspection system (Sire and CDI)

We, Shokuyu Tanker, make a social contribution through the oil and chemical transportation.
We all place top priority on ensuring the safety of people, vessels, cargoes and environment.

Safety policy