Brief History

Season Details
1967 JANUARY Established Shokuyu Tanker Co.,Ltd. in Kobe, Japan
1967 FEBRUARY Started domestic marine transportation
1971 JULY Transferred the head office to Tokyo
  Opened liaison office in Kobe, Japan
1976 Built MT Ethylene Sunrise (2100m3)
1982 Built MT Gas Far-East (LPG 3200DWT)
1984 Introduced stainless steel vessel on the sea route to China
1995 Introduced chemical tanker and started business on Far-East area
1997 Built Mt Sun Venus (7450DWT)
Started business on North Bound – South Bound
2001 APRIL Opened representative office in Shanghai, China
2002 SEPTEMBER Established ST Marine Co.,Ltd. (ship management company) in South Korea
2004 MARCH Established Sun Technomarine CO.,Ltd. (ship management company) in Japan
2004 NOVEMBER Established SU Navigation Pte. Ltd. (joint venture)
With Uyeno Transtech Ltd
2004 DECEMBER Obtained the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code)
2005 NOVEMBER Established Shanghai COSCO-Shanghai Shipping Co.,Ltd. (joint venture)
2009 JANUARY Certified for compliance with Standard ISO 09002
2010 MARCH Acquired 100% share of SU Navigation Pte. Ltd.
2012 JANUARY Certified Environmental Management System ISO 9001 : 2008
(Sun Technomarine co., ltd)
  Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2008
(Sun Technomarine Co.,Ltd)
2013 NOVEMBER Obtained approval in Shell audit
2014 APRIL Acquired oceangoing chemical department and domestic chemical department of DAIICHI TANKER CO.,LTD., a subsidiary company of MITSUI & CO.,LTD., while special cargo ships have been succeeded to DAIICHI TANKER CO.,LTD. as before.
2017 JANUARY The celebration of 50th anniversary of establishment of the company held on board “SYMPHONY” ended with huge success attended by almost 500 of Charterers, Owners, and other cooperative partners.
2020 NOVEMBER Transferred the Shokuyu Tanker Co.,Ltd. head office to current address